Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Three More Days...

The ride today will take me and my fellow riders back into the Cilentan National Forest, and south along the Cilentan coast along the Mediterranean, from Palinuro (where we spent 2 nights) to Maratea.  Each of the next nights are one-nighters at the hotels, and Sunday morning I return to Rome for a day until my flight home.  

It's now 8am on Thursday morning as I write this, looking at the 9th day in a row of long distance cycling.  A nice breeze is blowing in the window, the sky is completely cloudless, and the sun is already high.  It promises to be a hot and humid day.

The morning is always the toughest time because it's hard to sleep on the hard hotel mattresses in warm rooms.  The last hotel had a/c but turned it off sometime around 3am, so in no time the room warms up and sleep becomes difficult.  I opened my French windows to let in the sea breeze but soon the smell of burning garbage wafted in.  Burning garbage is not an uncommon practice here in Southern Italy, where I would conclude garbage collection is spotty judging by the number of bags piled up along the roads around urban centers.  So I closed my doors against the smell and tried to sleep more in the hot room.

I'm sleepy, my hip is sore from my crash, and it's getting hot out, so andiamo.

Bike Across Italy:  From Polignano a Mare > Alberobello > Matera > Montescaglioso  > Castelmezzano > Padula > Palinuro > Maratea > Morano Colabro > Centraro in 11 days
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C.Ruch said...

Good morning,
southern Italy suffers on a garbage crisis since years.Burning it is in some areas the only way to get rid of it, since there is a tremendous lack of community run garbage elimination places.
Have a nice day