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Bike Across Italy: Day the Last, 11

Grand Hotel San Michele: Contrada Bosco, 30 87022  Cetraro
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Morano Calabro

Cetraro (120m)
98 / 903
61 / 561
The last day.

So, the ride is over, but not the trip!  The final stats are:

Consecutive days on the saddle: 11
Miles ridden: 561
Vertical feet climbed:  50,044 (which is about the same as cycling up Mt. Everest, from sea level, twice).
Flat tires:  0
Crashes: 1, but not that bad.
Servings of gelato:  19 and counting
Cups of espresso:  31 and still counting

Today's ride took us from the tiny conical town of Morano Calabro deep in Calabria, up into the mountains and through the Pollino National Park. 

Looking back at the town of Morano Calabro
Mark and I made it to the top, Passo dello Scolone
Where there is a shrine at the top, guarded by this ferocious moo cow.
Then down a glorious but steep and rough 14km descent to the Mediterranean Sea:

and finally into our final destination, the town of Centraro, where this photo was taken: 

Riders Bill Scapell, his wife Jennifer Davis, and EK at the very, very, very end of 11 days of riding.

After farewell champagne on the hotel terrace, there was dinner and farewells and congratulations all around.  
Suntanned and happy.  Want to do this again.
It was a remarkable experience not just because of the fabulous 11 days of riding through remote Southern Italian countryside that few tourists get to see, but because of the companionship of the 13 riders and 2 guides.  

Hoping for another great trip like this next summer.  Hoping next time with my cousin Alan.

Bike Across Italy:  From Polignano a Mare > Alberobello > Matera > Montescaglioso  > Castelmezzano > Padula > Palinuro > Maratea > Morano Colabro > Centraro in 11 days
Click image to check out the album of photos from the trip.

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aims said...

I just realized now - after reading back and back and even further back - that this cycling event was in 2011. Ah well - I bet you think on it like it was yesterday.

Reading about your cycling trips has reminded me about the event my cousin and her husband have created in British Columbia.

Here's a link to their site -

I hope you continue to blog Dr. Krane. I've really enjoyed the read so far. What I can't understand is why I'm one of the few people leaving a comment. Are people just shy around you? :0)